The Honest Trailer For ‘Pokémon Black And White’ Gives Them All Accurate New Names

The newest honest trailer from Screen Junkies and Smosh Games once again poses questions about an entry in the Pokémon oeuvre. This time, they’re dropping some piping hot takes about Pokémon Black And White, also known as the one where the group trying to liberate the Pokémon from forced slavery and brutal fights to the death are portrayed as the bad guys. Yep. It was a pro-slavery game all along, you guys. #Problematic.

And in keeping with the honest trailers for Pokémon Diamond And Pearl, Pokémon Red and Blue, Pokémon Gold And Silver, and Pokémon Ruby And Sapphire, the ulterior motive for honest trailer-izing every one of these games has always been to rename the Pokémon:

“Are you just drawing faces on things that are in the room?”

Yes, I am still an immature dork and these are always hilarious to me.

Previous honest game trailers:

(Via Smosh Games)