How Is Capcom Punishing Rage Quitters?

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01.17.11 4 Comments

“Marvel Vs Capcom 2” was and is like a beautiful work of art with a turd stuck to it; it’s fun to play, beautifully designed, and has a great online mode…except for all the rage-quitters who throw a hissy fit when they discover they’re not the absolute unchallenged master of fighting games, and yank the cord out of the wall to keep their precious record from being threatened.

Fortunately, Capcom has realized how annoying this is and has a new solution for the problem. If you consistently quit out of games early, the online servers track it…and will only match you with other rage quitters.

OK, so people with terrible connections are also punished, but they should be punished for trying to play XBLA on a dial-up connection anyway.

[ via the serene players at Device ]

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