‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Documentary Video Explains How Snoke Turned Kylo Ren

Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out as a digital download on April 1 and comes to DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow, so Disney has released another clip (among many) from Secrets of the Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey, a full-length documentary about the making of The Force Awakens.

We already saw a glimpse of one of the deleted scenes where Kylo Ren is aboard the Millennium Falcon, and now the video above shows snippets of interviews with Adam Driver and J.J. Abrams about how Supreme Leader Snoke molded a teenaged Ben Solo into emo little Sith Kylo Ren. At this point, that shouldn’t be considered a spoiler.

We already had our own theories about Kylo Ren: The Teenage Years, but here’s Adam Driver himself explaining what went wrong:

“There’s nothing more powerful than genetics. If you really imagine the stakes of him, in his youth, having all these special powers and having your parents kind of be absent during that process on their own agendas, equally as selfish. He’s lost in the world that he was raised in and feels that he was kind of abandoned by the people that he’s closest with. He’s angry because of that, I think, and he has a huge grudge on his shoulders.”

To which we have only one response:

J.J. Abrams also spoke about that creeper Snoke going after emotionally damaged kids.

“It’s more than just having sort of a bad seed as a kid. Snoke had targeted this kid and knew that this kid was going to be incredibly powerful in The Force and wanted him as an ally. So this mother and father had a target for a son, someone who was watching their boy, and these parents aren’t there enough to guide him.”

Cool motive. Still murder.

Anyway, stay tuned til the very end when they show the alternate opening crawl they almost used for the movie:

It’s true. All of it.

(Via The Mary Sue and Yuki119)

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