How To Get Rid of Those Vuvuzelas

06.15.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

No, I’m not talking about using flamethrower-wielding cloned velociraptors who are prone to migraines. (Although those work too.  For everything.)  A German nicknamed Tube figured out a way to remove all traces of vuvuzela sounds from World Cup broadcasts, and it’s surprisingly simple.

Tube’s analysis showed that a standard Vuvuzela has a fundamental tone at 233Hz, with overtones at 466, 932 and 1864Hz. Most TV speakers can’t reach down to 233Hz, so it’s those overtones that create the swarm-of-bees effect that drives you to madness during a match. [DVICE]

He ran the audio through Logic Express on his Mac Mini (although GarageBand and other software might also work) and used EQ filters to remove all sounds at the 233, 466, 932, and 1864 Hz frequencies.  What was left was a very clear audio of the match, minus all the angry bee sounds.  There’s impressive before and after audio (“Vorher” and “Nachher”) at the end of Tube’s writeup.

This won’t work, of course, if you’re watching the game live.  That’s where the flamethrower-wielding cloned velociraptors who are prone to migraines come in.  Yes, my pretties.  Cleanse.

[Pictures via Reddit and TheDailyWhat; full-size screencap of the Wikipedia entry here.]

I also wanted to use this awesome gif but the file is too large to put here.

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