HP Hints They Have a Flexible Palm, If You Know What We Mean

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07.13.10 6 Comments

When HP bought Palm it was greeted with…crickets. Palm was pretty much dead in the water. The Pre got great reviews, but wasn’t selling, probably because it was on freaking Sprint, who manage to lose a few million customers a year. Most people saw it as less of an acquisition and more of a mercy killing to spare the once mighty Palm the humiliation of imploding in public.

About a year later, HP comes out with the news that they’ve developed a flexible display that might be used in Palm devices. It’s pretty neat: sheets are infused with Mylar, as well as a rich garlic sauce, and the result is a screen that can play video but is also bistable: that is, if you hit pause on a video, instead of the screen slowly draining the battery, it either takes only a very little power, or no power at all, just like e-ink. Even better, HP seems pretty gung-ho about eventually getting this neat little bendy device into stores, both as HP brand products and as Palm brand products.

We’ve got to ask, though, where’s the catch? This is HP, they don’t put out anything you don’t have to plug a wasteful, expensive ink cartridge or something into. We bet this thing drinks blood. We just know it.

[ via Engadget ]

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