‘Hulk Vs. Iron Man’ And Other Comics Of Note, June 25th

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Why is the Hulk peeling Iron Man like a tin can label? Furthermore, why is he right to? A look at the hero fight of the week, plus looks at books from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, IDW Publishing and Boom! Studios.

Original Sin: Hulk Vs. Iron Man #1

hulk vs, iron man 1


The Hulk is coming to kick Iron Man’s ass, and the twist is that Tony deserves every punch. Some were worried about the retconning that will obviously go into Original Sin, but Mark Waid makes the idea that Tony Stark effectively ruined Bruce Banner’s life one that ties into Marvel continuity and even makes sense. Tony, after all, is an arrogant ass. Definitely a clever twist and worth a read.

Savage Hulk #1

savage hulk 1


Alan Davis writes and draws a nice throwback to the ’70s Marvel, when Bruce Banner was wandering the Earth and the X-Men hadn’t been contorted into a pretzel shape by the ’90s. And honestly, Davis does a superb job: This could be shameless nostalgia, but instead is a solid, fast-paced book that has the feel of a lost Marvel issue from the era without any of the downsides. It’s action-packed enough to be a fun read for everyone, while being a book you can hand to a kid. Hopefully Marvel keeps this up; it’s a hoot.

Outcast #1

outcast 1

Image Comics

Demonic possession is a tricky thing to write into a comic book, and I’m not 100% on Robert Kirkman pulling it off. The book is actually largely defined by Paul Azaceta’s muted, quiet art. If there’s a criticism, it’s that this is more a pitch for a TV show than it is a comic book; it’s very dialogue-heavy, long on telling us things and short on showing them to us. But not a bad start to a horror book.

Dream Thief: Escape #1


Dark Horse

Jai Nitz and Greg Smallwood bring their bizarre avenger of the murdered back for a new miniseries, and boy, has he ever been missed. This gritty horror/noir mixture was great the first time around, and as it gets into the backstory of why he’s possessed by ghosts to take their vengeance, it’s becoming even more compelling. Highly recommended.

The Goon: One For The Road

goon one for the road

Dark Horse

Eric Powell pays tribute to the one, the only, the hilarious Jack Davis, complete with a cover from Davis himself and a story that riffs on Davis’ comedic style. A lighthearted and funny read, and a welcome return from the Goon.

Emily And The Strangers: Breaking The Record #1


Dark Horse

Unsurprisingly, a comic book based on a Hot Topic T-shirt feels and sounds exactly like the comic book the kind of person who thinks they’re edgy for shopping there would read. Car Farris’s art is vivid and dynamic, “all ages” without being cute and often more detailed and funny than it needs to be. But the script, by Rob Rener and Mariah Heuhner, is just a little too cliched to really click. This feels like an animated series pitch, not a comic.

Super Secret Crisis War #1


IDW Publishing

Cartoon Network finally gets the megacrossover it deserves, with Samurai Jack, the Powerpuffs, Dexter, Ben 10, and… uh, Ed, Edd and Eddy going up against their greatest nemesis in a six issue miniseries and a string of one-shots. It’s a cute little satire of crossovers, but nothing special quite yet.

The Amazing World of Gumball #1

amazing world of gumball 1


The amusingly cynical cartoon gets an equally amusingly cynical comic. Frank Gibson and Tyson Hesse pull off the look and feel of the series really well, making this a fun read for kids and ideal for fans of the show.

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