Human Hands Evolved To Make Us Expert Face Punchers

This bruiser’s fists were evolved for destruction

When people start talking about evolution and the human hand, it’s usually our opposable thumbs that get all the attention, but really opposable thumbs aren’t all that unique. Most primates have opposable thumbs (although, granted, most aren’t as large or dexterous as ours). No, what’s really unique about our hands is their shape — we have these square flat palms and short fingers, whereas almost every other primate has long palms and fingers. Why? So we can easily ball them up to pummel our fellow man with of course.

According to a new study by scientist David Carrier, nearly everything about our hands has evolved to facilitate punching s–t. The tight fists humans are capable of deliver up to three-times more force than any sort of open hand strike. Also, all the joints and bones in our hands are designed to be much sturdier when our hands are in fist form.

So yeah, we could have just evolved long thumbs and been done with it, but being the dominant species a–holes we are, humans decided we needed face-pulping weapons on the end of both arms. Go ahead Homo sapiens, give yourself a pat on the back with your meaty face punchers.

via Discovery News, Punchy girl via Shutterstock