This Human Lego Cosplay From ComicCon Is Captivating And Terrifying

Man’s reach, at times, exceeds his grasp. He is presented with a window through which he can stretch his arm outwards to the unknown, and by doing so, make it known. Sometimes it works and the world is better for it. But all too frequently he fails to consider whether or not that unknown is meant to be seen by mere mortals. For example, a man may wonder what a Lego figure would look like as a real, living human. A man may consider attempting to create a visage of such a being. A man may even create it. But what a man may never consider is that it was never meant to be seen to begin with.

Fortunately – or unfortunately, depending on your perspective – this is a real, actual thing that happened at San Diego ComicCon this past weekend. A team called Tested teamed up with special effects artist Frank Ippolito to create a costume imagining a Lego figure as a human being, complete with skin, ears, and possibly the most disconcerting detail, fingernails. One giant fingernail on each hand, actually. Make no mistake, it’s a tremendous display of prowess in costume design and makeup. It’s eerily realistic and the crew behind it deserve every accolade possible for the work they’ve done on it. It’s also possibly the single most unsettling cosplay ever seen and sort of makes you question your belief in any higher power and how one could possibly exist in the same world as this. Either way, a costume that evokes such a visceral reaction has obviously done its job.

(via Gizmodo)