Huzzah! A Renaissance Faire Reality Show Is In The Works

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01.16.14 2 Comments

ren faire reality series

Reality shows are pretty much inescapable at this point. If you are remotely interesting as a human being, you can get one, and if you’re not, you can be cast in one that’s a game show in disguise. And, after a surprisingly long time, it looks like a renaissance faire reality show is next up on the docket.

Surprisingly, this is from BBC America, as opposed to some cable channel obsessed with rednecks. And here’s what you’ll have to deal with in front of the cameras, according to Topless Robot:

Ever have the urge to escape to the days of old? …The show is Survivor meets 1890 House with a touch of Game of Thrones tossed in. There will be adventure, challenge, and competition every step of the way.

If there’s not a Red Wedding episode, we’re going to be sorely disappointed. Anyway, this appears to be casting now, and we’ll be curious to see just how honest they get, historically speaking. Anybody who’s been to an actual ren faire knows that historical accuracy does not, thankfully, extend to such period details as sanitation and food preparation, two areas we’re assuming this reality series is going to demand accuracy of because watching people take a dump in a stream and try to eat the most disgusting medieval food possible is just good television. We’ll also be curious to see what this “touch” of Game of Thrones actually entails.

And if nothing else, watching marginally employed actors and nerds who got way too into their hobby bounce off each other is always entertaining. Expect this renaissance faire reality show likely next year.

via Topless Robot

(Image courtesy of jawa9000 on Flickr.)

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