Hyundai’s Crazy Stunt Shows We’re Closer To The Self-Driving Car Than We Think

Completely autonomous self-driving cars are years, possibly decades, away. Right? According to Hyundai, wrong.

In this rather dramatic demonstration of their lane assist and automatic braking features, Hyundai lines up six of their sedans in a row, turns on both features… and then… well, you should just watch the video. Suffice to say it’s a compelling argument for safety features.

The semi-autonomous car seems a lot more likely than the self-driving one. People like to feel like they’re in control, even when they’re not, and you’re really not in control when driving. So letting people get behind the wheel, but designing a car that won’t just slam you into a wall at 65 mph, might be the best solution. Well, at least until we get some jetpacks.