I Sh-t You Not: 80s Arcade Machine Built Of LEGOs

05.20.10 8 years ago

Hey, remember that time you stayed home for weeks on end and constructed that replica arcade machine out of nothing but LEGOs? Of course you don’t, because luckily you were always too busy and cool to do something like that. Enter Ben Fleskes -the brave individual who had the guts to nerd out harder than you could ever imagine. Ben even started a company called Big Ben Bricks LLC dedicated to the passion of designing and manufacturing train wheels for LEGO trains. I sh-t you not. It’s all over on his website or you can even email him here and ask him about it yourself, naysayer.

Anyway, our ol’ friend Ben built a 34″ tall Pac-Man arcade machine, in dedication to the golden age of gaming: the 80s. Using a Jamma 48-1 board, the machine plays a variety of 80’s arcade games, 48 original titles to be exact. When asked what motivated the project, Ben told Gamma Squad, “I just wanted to pimp these LEGOs as hard as I could.” Alright fine, that was completely made up -but if Gamma Squad did interview him, that’s probably what he would have said. I’m sure of it.

Revel in Ben’s LEGO awesomeness; video after the jump.

Thanks to Geektress for the tip.

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