IDW's Got More "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Coming

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06.19.12 7 Comments

This is about as close to a new episode or movie of “The Next Generation” we’re going to get out of Paramount: it’s being written by Brannon Braga, and it’s designed to actually finish off the Borg in an awesome way, instead of the wet fart that was the Voyager finale. You might remember that “Endgame” wasn’t even enough of a turkey to survive the first round of our Worst Trek bracket; that’s how lame it was.

This book, apparently, will be the last word on the Borg, and although IDW isn’t admitting it, it looks a lot like a semi-sequel to “First Contact”, or as we like to call it “Boldy Go and Die Hard”. It not only features Picard, but also salvages the one good thing about Voyager, as you can see from the cover.

Considering how much the franchise has done with the Borg, and the sour note “Nemesis” left in the mouth of just about everybody, one has to wonder where Braga will go with the story. We’ve got a lot of faith in IDW: their Star Trek ongoing is some of the best Trek comics to hit print, and even ideas that shouldn’t work, like a Trek/Doctor Who crossover, are surprisingly fun and avoiding the obvious ideas.

Just…retcon out B4, OK? Please?

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