In Happier Bat-News: Katee Sackhoff Wants To Play Harley Quinn

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So, Ben Affleck is Batman. Excuse me while I heave a minute-long sigh. Don’t get me wrong, Affleck isn’t the joke he once was. I’d love to see him direct a Batman movie. But star? No thanks. Maybe if 90% of the movie was about a random, emotionally conflicted career criminal with a Boston accent who eventually gets punched by Batman in the last five minutes of the movie — Affleck could do a pretty okay job with that.

Well, anyways, here’s some Batman casting news to distract you from Ben-man for a moment — Katee Sackhoff wants to play Harley Quinn!

Recently Esquire asked the former star of Battlestar Galactica what comic book character she’d most like to play…

“I love Harley Quinn. I do. I just love it. It’s not been done before. It’s this fantastic mix. I mean, it’s like the female Joker. Who wouldn’t want to do that? Quite potentially — it’s not around so I wouldn’t feel the weight of it — I’d probably sell my first born at this point to do that.”

Wow, sounds like she’s put some thought into this. Oh, and to Katee Sackhoff’s first born — don’t worry, mommy didn’t mean it! Um, probably.

At first blush Sackhoff doesn’t seem like a great fit for Harley Quinn, but I dunno — a Harley who’s whimsical and goofy, but could also straight up beat your ass would be, uh, intriguing. So intriguing this is the only Batman casting news I’m going to think about for the rest of the day! Yup, nothing else. Wait, no — no, no, no!

[Katee SackHarley morphs into Batfleck in my mind].


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