In ‘Nicer Than It Sounds’ News: Dad Lets Son Kill Himself In Mario 64

07.10.13 5 years ago 5 Comments


We’ve seen quite a few examples lately of cool dads hacking old video games to make them more fun for their kids — for instance there was the dad who swapped Mario for Pauline in the original Donkey Kong, so his daughter could play as a girl. Awww.

Well, the hack we’re about to tell you is a little bit…different. A Redditor by the name of Pourmeanother77 edited Super Mario 64 so that all the goombas have his son’s face. So yes, this guy’s kid can now spend his days brutally stomping his own visage. To be fair, I totally would have loved doing that as a kid.

Hit the jump for graphic pictures of a child’s face being squashed!



Okay, now edit the game into something a five-year-old boy will like even more — make all the goombas walking butts! Hee hee!

via Geekologie

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