Inception Powers Would Be Awesome

11.03.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

Below is the video that shows how Inception would have really gone if you gave regular people like us dream invading powers. It goes pretty much how you’d expect it to, starting out with avoiding eating at an Olive Garden. Universal themes, these.  It was put together by Forest Gibson, Zac Cohn, Gerry Dorsey, Sara Coates, Chris Parker, Zingelbert Bembledack, David Zimmermann, Elizabeth Weller, Eli Black-Mizuta, Janine Cundy, and Slut Bunwallah (I may have made a few of those up).

Also, this video makes the compelling argument that chloroform does indeed solve every problem.  But just try explaining that to my probation officer.

[Thanks for not being afraid to dream bigger, TheDailyWhat.]

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