Disney’s CEO Wants You To Know That A New Indiana Jones ‘Will Be Coming’

Bob Iger is where the buck stops with Walt Disney; he’s the company’s CEO, and has overseen turning Disney into a nerd powerhouse by acquiring Marvel and Lucasfilm for what, in retrospect, seem like rock bottom prices. So, if anybody is in a position to know what’s happening with Indiana Jones, it’s him, and he thinks it’s a lock.

Bloomberg has a rather far-ranging discussion with Iger about Disney’s stellar year, which includes Marvel’s continuing expansion and Star Wars‘ looming seizure of Avatar‘s crown as the “highest-grossing film of all-time,” and Iger gets into a lot of detail in the talk. It’s an interesting listen, but in the middle of talking about the studio’s plans for Star Wars, Iger offhandedly notes, “Indiana Jones, by the way, which will be coming.”

This isn’t the first hint we’ve had that Disney is working on a new Indy. Steven Spielberg has gone as far as to insist Indy will never be recast and Ford has expressed rare enthusiasm for a fifth turn in the fedora. And it appears Disney is fully on board, but it’s a question of when it might happen; Spielberg’s booked through 2017 and Ford has the Blade Runner sequel on his plate, and he is 73 years old, so will that enthusiasm last for years over the physically demanding role? The bottom line is, don’t consider Indy 5 announced until it’s actually announced with a release date, but it seems if there’s any way to get an Indiana Jones 5, we’re going to get it eventually.

(via Indiewire)