Inflatable Race Car Wins First Place for Saddest Wii Add-on

Senior Contributor
06.02.10 7 Comments

No sooner does some company come out with the “Wiings” to humiliate and embarrass Wii owners than another company decides to one-up them in the stupidity stakes with…an inflatable race car.

Seriously, those Wii wings? They came to light last week and there’s already a lower place you can go in the failure pile that is Wii peripherals. Last week, people. We can’t wait for next week, when we’ve got little doubt that some even more awful piece of cheap plastic crap is waiting to drive everyone insane. And what really scares us is there’s some guy, out there, collecting all of this stuff. You know he is. He’s the guy who dreams of a five-second spot on the news because of his “wacky collection”, laboring under the wrongheaded impression that being on TV will get him closer to touching boob.

Anyway, there’s a video of a mannequin and a douche trying to sell Wii owners on this. We include it not because it’s funny, but because you’ve never seen the fires of life die so quickly in the eyes of a model.


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