‘Interstellar’ Adds Matt Damon To Its Crew

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08.29.13 5 Comments
And he probably won't have to be bald for this one!

And he probably won’t have to be bald for this one!

Looks like Matt Damon is signing up for another SF movie; right on the heels of Elysium‘s release, he’s joined Christopher Nolan’s next, Interstellar. You know, because it didn’t already have enough star power.

To give you an idea of how packed this cast is: Damon’s joining Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck, John Lithgow, Ellen Burstyn, and Topher Grace in the cast. That’s already a hell of cast, and apparently Damon will only be spending a little time with them:

The character, like all of the roles in the film, is being kept under wraps, but sources close to the actor tell us he’ll only be shooting on the project for two weeks in Iceland. It’s another quick appearance for Damon in a forthcoming film, as he also has a small cameo in Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem.

In other words, Damon gets a two-week vacation in Iceland, and gets paid for it: Not bad work if you can get it. We’d love to speculate on what he might be doing in the movie, but literally, what we know is that humanity discovers a wormhole, and then things get wacky. That’s it. Nolan’s been sitting on this one and nobody’s discussed the plot in any detail. Still, we’ll bet it’s worth watching; Nolan’s been pretty good about delivering movies we want to see.

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