Well, That Escalated Quickly: Two Intense Clips From ‘Iron Man 3’

Entertainment Editor
04.08.13 11 Comments

Tony Stark promised revenge against the Mandarin in the most recent Iron Man 3 trailer, and now we know why. The first clip below aired this weekend during Ben Kingsley’s interview with Jonathan Ross. It escalated quickly. The second clip is likely to be Iron Man’s reaction to the events in the first clip, and it also explains why his house was blowing up in the trailers.

In the second clip, Iron Man challenges Mandarin to a fight during an unscripted press conference. Then he spikes the reporter’s smartphone and says, “Bill me.” He’s so sassy. Then again, that reporter was holding his phone the wrong way. If only every wannabe cinematographer with Vertical Video Syndrome had their phone smashed by Iron Man. We have dreams of a better world. Let’s make this happen. Anything’s possible. Just look at this picture of Robert Downey Jr. cutting his birthday cake last Thursday. Dreams are real, you guys.


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