Tony Stark Is Having Nightmares In Newest ‘Iron Man 3’ Spots (Plus GIFs!)

Entertainment Editor

A short while ago we posted the tenth and eleventh TV spots for Iron Man 3, joking that we’ll soon have enough TV spots to piece together the entire movie. Marvel is making that easier by releasing the twelfth and thirteenth TV spots. You know how you’re sometimes watching an ad on TV late at night and then a different ad for the same product plays right after that, and you’re like, “Oh, come on!” Now imagine that happening thirteen times in a row. When would it start getting awesome? Around the seventh TV spot, we’d bet. Then it would be like the scene from Seinfeld where Kramer wanted to see how far he could drive a car with an empty tank. I can’t remember how that scene ended, but I think it was in a torrent of racial epithets.


[Sources: CBM and ENI]

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