The Stakes Are Raised And The Ginger Cats Are Cradled In New ‘Iron Man 3’ Pictures

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02.26.13 3 Comments

Just a day after posting those new posters for Iron Man 3 we’ve found new covers and stills from the next issue of Empire magazine. Most of them once again highlight how much damage Tony Stark is going to take. Okay, we get it. Stakes are raised.

We also found this fantastic update to the Gwyneth Paltrow poster from yesterday, photoshopped by Giovana Ruaro-Lane.

Adding fat ginger cats to things is always a good decision.

Continue on for the full picture of Tony Stark in the Mark XLVII armor, as well as the three stills from Empire. Stark is even wearing an A.I.M. shirt in one of these. A set photo from this summer showed a building labelled Advanced Idea Mechanics, so we already knew terrorist group A.I.M. would figure into this somehow. Still, seeing Tony Stark in an A.I.M. shirt is disconcerting, like if one of the lead characters were replaced by a different actor or something. Wouldn’t that be crazy?

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