‘Iron Man 3’ Shreds Records, Unveils New Footage

05.02.13 5 years ago 26 Comments
Each one a potential spin-off, at this rate.

Iron Man 3 comes to US shores tomorrow. But it’s already been out in most of the world for a week, and at this rate, it’ll have already paid for itself by the time we get a chance to see it.

To give you an idea of just how much cash Tony Stark has already put in the bank:

Disney and Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3 has zoomed past the $240 million mark at the international box office… The superhero tentpole, debuting to $198 million internationally, is playing more like a follow-up to last year’s Marvel blockbuster The Avengers, versus a follow-up to Iron Man 2, evidenced by the fact that it surpassed the $185.1 million foreign debut of Avengers.

And that was before the movie opened in China, where it took in $21 million on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the teasers keep on coming. Here’s a look at the Mandarin, with one or two scraps of new footage:

We’re just glad the Mandarin doesn’t get into an eeeeevil suit of armor and go after Tony with it in this clip, since the movies have kind of beaten that concept into the ground.

Currently, box office predictions have the franchise at anywhere from $180 million this weekend, a franchise best, to breaking the record for all-time box office, especially surprising because while the first two movies were huge hits, this is in the running for most successful movie of all time. The only thing we know for sure is that Disney is going to have yet another big pile of money to roll around in as of the end of the weekend.

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