Iron Man Also Makes An Awesome Entrance

04.05.10 8 years ago

His only weakness.  Kittens.

Although this entrance isn’t quite as colorful as among the Ironettes, so I’m guessing she wasn’t recast as their fearless leader, as 781 of the io9 readers had guessed.  That’s not going to stop those 781 people from photoshopping Olivia Munn into an Ironette outfit.  Hang on. *opens MS Paint* Make that 782. *starts drawing a costume onto Olivia Munn, gets distracted and starts drawing a dinosaur on a skateboard instead.*

There are also a couple new, short TV spots at LatinoReview, with footage you’ve probably already seen unless you have better things to do than look for every Iron Man 2 clip online (I don’t).

If the youtube clip gets pulled, this is also available at Collider, and there’s an HD version at Apple.

[Banner pic via retconpunch]

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