Is It Time For Sony To Kill The Vita?

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07.19.12 6 Comments

We’ve been down on the Vita before, but not as down as the Japanese consumer: the Vita is selling almost as well as the PSP in Japan, about ten thousand units a week. American sales are better, but not by much.

Meanwhile, the Nexus 7 has sold more units in a week than Sony has been able to push in the US in a year. True, that’s a tablet computer, but that’s just the problem: it’s a tablet computer that costs $50 less than the Vita and doesn’t require any accessory to complete its basic functions.

Some argue that all the Vita needs are strong games, but there aren’t any on the horizon. Unless you count a Call of Duty: Black Ops tie-in, which Activision is so excited about, it still hasn’t told us who’s developing the damn thing or locked in an actual release date. Secondly, strong games mean nothing when they cost forty freaking dollars.

What do you think? Should Sony give it up, or stick it out? And if they stick it out… what would it take to get you to buy a Vita?

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