Is "Killzone" F2P a Hint of Sony's Future?

This is pretty interesting.

Sony has decided to roll out part of the “Killzone” franchise, namely the online multiplayer part of “Killzone 3”, as a free-to-play game. You get all the maps, although not all of the gameplay modes, and are allowed to level up until you reach Sergeant I. Then you’ve either got to drop $15 for the full multiplayer, or drop a little more and get the full game.

Otherwise, yeah, you’re done playing the game.

Granted, this isn’t going to do much for people who hate online multiplayer, and it’s basically a lengthy demo. But it’s also a way more interesting approach to selling games than the usual “Let’s block used game sales entirely” jibber-jabber. Actually letting people try the product before selling it is usually a pretty good way to push product out the door, and we’ll be curious to see if this works.

Or if you’re a “Killzone 3” fan, just brace for the noob flood: this experiment starts tomorrow.

[ via 1up ]

image courtesy Sony