Is There Finally a Good Sonic Game Coming Out?

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10.08.10 3 Comments

Hey, remember when Sonic games were good? You know, 2D, sidescroller, Sonic didn’t turn into a wolf, there wasn’t a “dark” version of Sonic who shot people, just running to the right, really, really fast and collecting rings? That Sonic?

After years of crushing the hopes of gamers everywhere, Sonic Team….OK, so it was mostly Dimps, but Sonic Team wanted to pitch in on a game that didn’t suck wildly, anyway, Sega is bringing the hedgehog back to his 2D roots next week. Or this week if you own an iPhone, and you also save five bucks, unlike the console owners. Gee, thanks, Sega.

Here’s a video under the cut of the awesomeness in store. All we can say is, welcome back, buddy. We missed your pointy blue tuchus.

[ via CrunchGear ]

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