Issue Number Ones: New Series Starting 2/22/12

There actually aren’t that many new series starting this week. Just two of them, in fact, and they both revolve around boobs.

Witchblade/Red Sonja

Let’s see here: boobs, purple dialogue, gore, boobs, mildly awkward exposition, boobs, cheesecake, kinda bland art (a Dynamite specialty) and boobs. This is pretty much everything you’d expect from the title. It’s not awful by any means, but if you don’t like either character, this one is imminently skippable.

No Place Like Home

Similarly, there’s not a lot of originality here, either. Rebooting “The Wizard of Oz” as dark and nasty is practically a cliche at this point: McFarlane Toys did it, American McGee tried to do it, the SyFy Network did it, arguably the god-awful “Wicked” did it…and now Image Comics is doing it, using a cover involving the heroine pulling her shirt open to expose her bra with “Surrender” tattooed across her clavicle. Although I’m going to chalk that up to somebody at Image having a serious thing for punk/goth girls, since that explains how the awful, unfunny “Alpha Girl” got published.

It’s not really earth-shaking in plot, either; basically we’ve got the first arc of “Fables” starting here, only strictly with Oz characters.

That said, it’s not bad, and it has the potential to improve dramatically. But it needs to start showing readers what makes it different.

image courtesy Dynamite