Jack Reynor Upgrades From ‘Transformers’ To ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

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02.18.14 4 Comments

You may have seen Irish actor Jack Reynor in What Richard Did but probably not. Your first impression of Reynor might come from his portrayal of a race car driver (pictured above) who’s dating Mark Wahlberg’s daughter in Transformers: Age of Extinction, opening June 27th, 2014. If you manage to avoid those Dinobots, Ain’t It Cool News reports you’ll be seeing Jack Reynor in Star Wars: Episode VII.

Harry Knowles — presumably having been confused for a prop costume from the Cantina scene — made it into the inner sanctum at Lucasfilm. There he reports noticing a bit of Star Wars: Episode VII concept art involving the Millennium Falcon. Knowles also said Jack Reynor has been cast in Star Wars: Episode VII, but we don’t know which role. Bleeding Cool adds:

I think the big news about Episode VII casting will be the female lead, though folk might not realise it until after they see the film. If everything we’re hearing is true, she’s already been cast too, so I wouldn’t be surprised if word sneaks out pretty soon.

We have to wonder if Reynor is filling one of the roles which may have otherwise been cast with Jesse Plemons of Breaking Bad, Adam Driver of Girls, or Michael Fassbender of my dreams. We’re hoping Fassbender’s still in the running for a different role. I mean, two smoldering Irish guys in Star Wars: Episode VII? That’s the only kind of Double Irish we can get behind.

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