James Gunn Will Write And Direct ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 2,’ But That’s Not All He Wants From Marvel

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With Guardians of the Galaxy set to hit theaters by the end of the week, it’s only fitting that sequel talk would be flying through the air already. I mean this is Marvel we’re talking about and they’ve got a plan.

If the initial reviews and general buzz surrounding the movie are any indication, a sequel will happen. The good news is that director James Gunn will be along for the ride. From Screen Rant:

“I’m actually in a somewhat weird position because if the movie does well, the I’m gonna make the sequel. And if it does okay then, well, I’ve already been offered other movies but I can only do those other movies if I don’t do the sequel, so it’s a weird situation.”

Co-writer Nicole Perlman added to the news by basically confirming Gunn’s involvement. From Indie Wire:

“Of course they would want to make a sequel as long as [‘Guardians’] does well and people are excited about it, they’ll wanna do a sequel. So, it’s going to happen,” ‘Guardians’ co-writer Nicole Perlman told The Wrap, adding: “James will be directing ‘Guardians 2,’ so he would also be writing ‘Guardians 2.’”

Now sure, you can say it isn’t definite proof. Guardians is certainly still a risky proposition, but the marketing push and general lack of competition at the box office should make it a winner.

I don’t believe this much would be poured into the movie if it wasn’t a decent gamble for success. Also I’m kinda hoping for success because I like the characters and I like the ideas of where the story could go:

“I know a lot of where I want to go. I have a lot of ideas for stories and characters that are going to appear, and there are documents written up, that some people have, about Peter Quill’s father and his relationship, a lot of stuff about Yondu and a lot of stuff about Drax that nobody knows,” he told Film Divider. “There are a lot of things that are part of the overall schematic that already exist, not to mention a lot of stuff about all of the cultures. There’s a lot of stuff about Xandarian and Kree culture that I’ve written down or I have in my head, as well as Krylorians and Ravagers.” (via)

I’m sure that sounds like a lot of gibberish, but it’s cool stuff. Trust me. And apart from Guardians, the prospect of Gunn’s other Marvel interests are even cooler. It’s just going to be a little tougher to make them happen. From Screen Rant:

Thunderbolts? I will tell you, one time I was saying to Kevin [Feige], we were sitting on set together on one of the days he visited and I said, ‘You know, I really want to make Thunderbolts,’ and he said, ‘James, if Guardians does well you’ll be able to do whatever you want so we’ll see what happens.

Thunderbolts can mean a lot of things, all of them awesome. I just can’t see how it would work in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. I want to be convinced it could work.

(Via Indie Wire / Screen Rant)

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