Jamie Foxx May Join The Next Spider-Man Movie As… Electro?!

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11.01.12 12 Comments

It’s one of those very odd quirks in comics that there are a lot of Black peoples with electrical powers, especially at DC. It’s up there with Black guys who just happen to be, like, really, really strong for various reasons.

And apparently Sony wants to add another one to the ranks. Namely, Jamie Foxx as Electro.

Variety is reporting Foxx is in early talks with Sony to become one of the dorkier villains Spidey has ever had to face.

It’s actually a good casting choice. Foxx is actually quite a talented actor that Hollywood’s never really quite known what to do with after it gave him an Oscar and he refused to be Cuba Gooding Jr. all over again. And Max Dillon could be a fun character, properly written: He’s a greedy, venal douchebag who never quite gets the respect he deserves.

It’s also likely part of Sony’s push to make the first movie more marketable, you know, because grossing $750 million worldwide is “underperforming”. Foxx is a bona fide movie star, and would probably increase the movie’s sales appeal in some markets.

Or maybe he just thinks this is the closest he’ll ever get to playing Black Lightning. Either way, this is relevant:

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