Japan Suffers Its First ‘Pokémon Go’ Accident Just Hours After The Game Debuts

Since its release in the United States, Pokémon Go players have gotten into all sorts of accidents. Trainers have been crashing into police cars and falling off cliffs. Oh, and they’ve been shot at as wellPokémon Go mishaps aren’t just a problem stateside, now with the release of the game in Japan, Nippon is giving us a run for our money when it comes to Pokémon Go buffoonery. Despite Japanese cybersecurity officials tweeting an adorable manga safety guide for playing Pokémon Go, the country suffered from its first accident relating to the hit game just hours after it was released this week.

According to Mashable, a student attending Kindai University in Osaka fell down an entire flight of stairs Friday morning. The student received facial injuries and was bleeding. An ambulance needed to rush the unidentified male student to a local area hospital. The safety guide which was tweeted two days before the release of the game in Japan tells trainers tips they should know before hunting Pokémon such as “not meeting up with strangers”, “not to enter dangerous areas”, and “don’t walk and use your phone.” Although the tips are helpful, it is technically very difficult to not walk and play Pokémon Go. You actually need to walk to play, but clearly trainers should walk and be aware of their surroundings. Cliffs, stairs, or otherwise.

(via Mashable)