Japan To Give Robots Moon Base To Kill Us All

06.01.10 9 years ago

Is there any problem that Japan thinks robots can’t solve? Whether it’s fighting King Kong or making sure fictional schoolgirls get endangered, Japan’s got a robot for it. Well, now they’re turning their robot fetish to the problems of space exploration, with plans to create a robotic moon base by 2020.

Of course a moon base becomes considerably less fun if no one can go to it, and this 2.2 billion dollar solar-powered project will be entirely unmanned. Yep, they’re building a moon base just for robots to enjoy…or at least be in, as we all know robots are just soulless killing machines who feel no emotions. Only now they’ll have the high ground for the inevitable invasion of Earth.

You’re probably thinking, “but at least these’ll just be harmless rovers, right?” Nope, they’ll be 660-pound clawed robots that can take rock samples and send those samples back to Earth by rocket. Yep, they’re going to give them rockets to shoot back at us.

Oh, Japan. We know you’re crazy from your game shows, but please don’t take us down with you.

[Node via C-Net]

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