Japanese Robotic Soccer Tournament: Pray For Riots and Hooligans

05.04.10 8 years ago

Alas, the humanoid was outmatched by Lego Hawking.

For those of you who prefer your soccer play really, really, really painstakingly slow, you’re in luck because the RoboCup Japan Open 2010 is currently taking place in Osakajawea, Japan. With over 225 teams competing from all over the world, the RoboCup is the world’s largest robotic soccer tournament. For anyone still left in the dark over the concept, fear not because CrunchGear.com does a wonderful job of successfully describing the event as both a popular pastime and a potentially terrifying recruitment strategy.

Started in 1997, the official goal of the RoboCup is to have a team of humanoids play and defeat a team comprised of human soccer players during a “real” world soccer cup sometime around 2050.[source]

All future John Connors can relax their paranoia meters for the time being. As impressive as the current technology displayed at the tournament is, our robot brethren are still years and leaps away from outperforming any would-be human opponents (Stephen Hawking included). Take the humanoid from the below clip, just one of the many robots competing in the Robocup 2010 Humanoid League. Standing between 130 and 160 cm tall, it takes this guy over thirty seconds just to approach the ball without tipping his own cubed ass over. Aw, just keep practicing, robot. That scholarship will be yours in no time.

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