Jared Leto Explains His Gifts To ‘Suicide Squad’ Co-Workers: ‘Human Meat Is Always A Great Gift’

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08.02.16 2 Comments

When Suicide Squad director David Ayer wasn’t busy screaming “F*ck Marvel,” he said people “kept their distance” from Jared Leto on the set because he was always in character. The method actor extraordinaire reportedly answered only to “Mr. J” and never broke character between scenes, met with psychopaths, growled at the makeup artists (who would “play back”), and tested the laugh on strangers in public places.

This pageantry extended to giving unsettling gifts, including rumors of sending anal beads to coworkers (Yeesh.), giving Margot Robbie a live rat, leaving a dead pig filled with bullets for the rest of the cast, and giving a live snake to Jimmy Fallon just yesterday. It got so out of hand Viola Davis thought about pepper spraying him.

We’re now hearing stories of Leto’s on-set gifts so often that it’s getting to the point where I eyeroll and think, “Guess I know what I’m writing about again today.”

So guess what I’m writing about again today.

In an interview with Fox 5 DC (video below), Leto clarifies why he chose the gifts he chose:

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