‘Suicide Squad’: Check Out A New Picture Of Jared Leto As The Joker

Entertainment Editor
10.26.15 40 Comments


We’ve heard plenty about Jared Leto’s method acting on the set of Suicide Squad, and we’ve seen glimpses of his Joker in the trailer, in set videos, and in a couple of promo photos. Now we’re getting our first full-body shot of this Joker in more casual attire, courtesy of Empire Magazine.

Although you’ll have to pick up the next issue of Empire to see what Suicide Squad goodies are inside, this cover is the best look yet we’ve had at Joker’s “lounging around Arkham” daywear. He’s paired a stylish, but breezy state-issued pair of sweatpants with a purple trenchcoat of indeterminate animal pelt (I never saw a purple cow) along with a functional — and not remotely legal — purple cane.

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