Jason Momoa And Zack Snyder Tease Fans With Some Costumes From The ‘Justice League’ Film

On Monday, Warner Bros. dropped surprise Justice League news, which was notable because a few folks were starting to feel cynical about the project. Much of this negativity had to do with a certain HitFix video interview, in which Drew McWeeny wondered aloud whether DC/Warner Bros. is “scared” of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice looming far too dark on the horizon. Comic book fans seem reasonably excited for the film, but there’s often a grumbly undercurrent when Zack Snyder takes the helm. Common complaints include how Zack lights sets like an outhouse and chooses to go predictably “gritty.” McWeeny also expressed doubt that Snyder would helm Justice League at all, and perhaps the whole DC slate could be doomed.

Well, the new announcement sought to put fears at rest, and Warner Bros. says they’re not waiting to see how Dawn of Justice fares before moving forward. Justice League filming will begin on April 11, and various locations of intrigue dropped as well. Hot on the heels of this assurance is a new social media picture from Snyder. The director just happened to be hanging out with Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa (who already promised something unexpected with his character). And look, there’s some costumes lurking in the background too. Since Snyder left the lights on, we can see a glimpse of Ezra Miller’s Flash outfit. There’s a Batman-esque costume in the background, and maybe some Aquaman garb too. Verrrry mysterious.

Snyder says he’s “deep in it,” so he’s definitely putting his foot down as director. Nope, no shakeup here, folks. The film won’t arrive until November 2017, but here comes the marketing machine. Now, the news of a shooting start date and this behind-the-scenes photo may not be related to recent negative speculation, but the rumors are on Twitter’s mind. Sarcastically or not, people are wondering what’s up with that HitFix hit piece.

One can’t blame these tweeters for their curiosity, and Snyder’s gamely feeding the machine.