Jennifer Garner Also Snuck A Peak At Ben Affleck In His Bat-Costume And Liked What She Saw

01.21.14 4 years ago 3 Comments


So, a couple months back we reported that Kevin Smith saw a picture of Ben Affleck in the new Bat-suit and totally liked what he saw. Apparently there’s not a single nipple on the suit, man! Not one!

Well, after showing the people who matter his new costume, Affleck eventually showed his wife, because now Jennifer Garner is talking about his Batman vs. Superman togs. You can check out Garner’s brief thoughts about the new Bat-suit below…


Hmmm, a total reinvention, huh? It should be noted that Smith said the suit was very influenced by, well, some comic book artist (he edited the name out on his podcast). I’m guessing Smith is a little more invested in the whole Batman thing than Garner (who probably struck superheroes from her mind after Elektra) so his thoughts on the outfit might be a bit more informed. Then again, this is Kevin Smith we’re talking about.

via  ComicBookMovie

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