Jessica Alba Looked Fantastic At The ‘Sin City’ Comic-Con Panel

In between all the Marvel and DC revelations and such, the panel for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For just sorta snuck under the radar for a bit. Hard to believe that it has been nine years since the first movie was released, but here we are. Now the sequel is less than a month from theaters and more of a reality after the Comic-Con panel.

I think most of the attention has to be given to Jessica Alba. She looked stunning at the event and supposedly manage to carve out quite the performance in the movie. She joined Rosario Dawson, Josh Brolin, Robert Rodriguez, and Frank Miller on stage to talk about her expanded role in the new original story from the film. From Yahoo:

Her character, the exotic dancer Nancy Callahan, was a damsel in distress in the original 2005 installment, but for the new film, she moves straight past femme fatale mode, and right into “killer babe” territory for the stylish noir sequel (in theaters Aug. 22). “Nancy was so sweet, and she was sort of a victim in the first one, in this one people will be pleasantly surprised to see her turn into a warrior”…

The actress took this character development so seriously, it intimidated her directors on set. “She up showed so in her character, we thought she hated us,” Rodriguez said.

“I went over to say ‘Hi’, to her and she barely said hello to me because she was already in character ready to do a scene,” explained Miller, the iconic comic book writer/artist whose neo-noir series the movies are based on. “My first thought when I said ‘Hello’ to Jessica was, ‘I haven’t seen her in eight years, how did I piss her off?’”

Rodriguez and Miller also took some time to unveil the opening of the movie featuring the return of Mickey Rourke as Marv. From Slash Film:

Marv comes to on a street, surrounded by crushed glass, twisted metal, and a car on fire. He immediately realizes that something has gone horribly wrong, but is unable to remember what exactly it was. So he downs a handful of pills (to treat an unspecified “condition”) and starts surveying the wreckage for clues.
Among other things, he comes across a young man’s corpse. From there, he begins to piece together the events of the evening, and we watch it unfold as he narrates in his gruff, almost Batman-y voice. “Just another Saturday night…” he muses.

And to cap off the entire panel, the duo announced the plans for Sin City 3. One can only hope that they move a little quicker on production than they did with this film, and hopefully avoid any delays. I am a little disappointed by the lack of Eva Green’s boobs, but I guess I’ll live.

An exclusive red band trailer will premiere on Machinima on Monday and you can check out the preview of that trailer below, no matter how silly the idea might sound. Until then, let’s all bask in the glow of Jessica Alba for a bit longer.

(Via Slash Film / Indie Wire / Yahoo! )