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Kate Upton’s First Bikini Shoot Of 2012 Is Worth Updating About On Saturday |With Leather|

Dude Blows the Roof off the ‘American Idol’ Dump By Singing the ‘Family Matters’ Theme |Warming Glow|

Fan-Made Pop Culture Hello Kitty Toys Are Cute, Possibly Illegal |UPROXX|

Kevin Love’s Game Winning Three Breaks The Clippers 101-98 |Smoking Section|

Hazel Jones’s two vaginas are freely available on YouTube |Film Drunk|

Real-Life Beavis And Butt-Head Are Pure Nightmare Fuel |UPROXX|

A Premature Tribute To Paul Rudd’s Bobby Newport |UPROXX|

David Beckham Wants To Sue This Prostitute |With Leather|

Cable TV Is Full of Liars |Warming Glow|

‘Archer’ Meets ‘Mad Men’ For Quite Possibly The Most Appropriate TV Mashup Yet |UPROXX|

Review: Red Tails |Film Drunk|

10 Reasons To Shop At Wal-Mart |Buzzfeed|

Hip Hop’s Finest Hour… “IMDABES” |GorillaMask|

9 Funny Tourist Photobombs |HuffPost Comedy|

Redesigns of Classic Hip-Hop Album Covers |High Definite|

Five Movies where One Actor has Five or More Roles |Unreality|

R2-D2 Area Rug: You’re Standing on the Droid You’re Looking for |Technabob|

The 10 least plausible movie stunts ever. Complete with SOPA-unfriendly videos |FARK|

Man Sues Rupert Murdoch For Defaming Him Through ‘Donnie Darko’ and ‘The X-Files’ |The FW|

VIDEO BELOW: Kitty needs her medicine. |via Buzzfeed|

[Pictures via Reddit (via Sober In A Nightclub) and Memadas]

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