John Boyega Is Gunning Hard To Play Black Panther

07.23.14 4 years ago 21 Comments


John Boyega is going to be a big deal. The Attack the Block star has a significant role in Star Wars: Episode VII, but apparently that’s not enough for the up-and-comer — the guy also wants to star in a Marvel movie. He even has a role in mind…



Of course Boyega may just be saying sh*t to say sh*t, but then again, Marvel has unannounced movies scheduled all the way up until 2019 and the universe planned out until 2028, and Black Panther is definitely part of that plan. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has outright said so.

Whatever the truth is, we might learn a bit more this Saturday when Marvel holds a SDCC panel detailing the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What about you folks? Interested in the possibility of a Black Panther movie? Think Boyega is the right dude for the job?

Via ScreenRant

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