‘Sandman’ Movie In Early Talks With Joseph Gordon-Levitt And David Goyer Involved

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11.21.13 3 Comments


Badass Digest, who broke some Preacher news last week, are back with another story we hope pans out even though they qualify it is “super up in the air and should be treated as such”. They report David Goyer pitched a movie based on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman to Warner Brothers, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is involved. Badass Digest thinks he’d be playing Morpheus, assuming the movie ever gets made.

Sandman has a long and troubled development history, so there’ s no guarantee this version will get any farther than previous ones. At one point Roger Avery was going to direct with a script by Pirates of the Caribbean guys Elliott and Rossio. After that a guy named William Farmer – who wrote Jonah Hex – turned in a script that Neil Gaiman called one of the worst ever written. For a hot minute it looked like Supernatural‘s Eric Kripke was going to bring Sandman to TV. And now this. [Badass Digest]

You could say the development of this project is… *sunglasses* …endless. YEEEAAAAA– I’m very sorry.

Neil Gaiman pitched a Sandman movie trilogy to Warner back in 2005, using this Jill Thompson concept art. It would be a sad but inevitable reflection of how the studios work if it takes the involvement of a famous actor to get them to take a Sandman pitch seriously.

Whatever happens, we’re supposed to get more of the new Sandman prequel series (The Sandman: Overture) next April, and we’ll always have this Neil Gaiman GIF.

Neil Gaiman on a trampoline GIF

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