Joss Whedon On Short List To Direct Avengers?

04.05.10 8 years ago

Sure it’s April 5th, but we’re still digging ourselves out of the various “Aprils Fools Day” stories that clog up the nerd news channels every April 1st, pissing off fans when they’re disappointed (Did you see that soul-crushing In and Out Burger coming to New York story from College Humor?) and also confusing readers about what are meant to be serious stories.

Well, one story that’s definitely been debated recently is whether Marvel’s considering having Joss Whedon direct their massive culmination-of-all-those-Marvel-Movies, The Avengers. IESB says an anonymous source has told them that Whedon’s one of the people Marvel’s considering for the spot, and the LA Time’s Hero Complex Blog has confirmed he is being considered.

None of which means much of anything – I think just about any comic-related movie would put Whedon on the short list for director. Heck, the sheer numbers of Whedon fanboys that’ll come to see anything he does will add to any film’s bottom line. But whether or not they’ll choose him (or if he’d even want to after his dissatisfaction with trying to get Wonder Woman to the screen) is anyone’s guess.


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