‘Jurassic Park’ Goes Vinyl, You Know, For Hipsters

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05.09.14 2 Comments


John Williams’ score for Jurassic Park is probably one of the best known pieces of music to a certain segment of the population. Sadly, Williams’ music has been deprived of people who just want to tell you how much warmer vinyl sounds than those sterile digital files. Fortunately, Mondo is out to right this wrong.

Mondo is essentially a high end movie-nerd collectibles store; you might remember them from, say, these awesome Game of Thrones posters. It’ll essentially be the expanded rerelease the score got recently, just, you know, on a dead format.

This being Mondo, the real appeal is the custom editions. Up above is the Dilophosaurus version, limited to 2000 copies and randomly inserted into “Version A”, and there’s also “Version B” in translucent amber vinyl (yes, with a mosquito in the middle) that’s limited to 1000. The plain black version will have 3000 copies.

All of them, however, will feature some great music. So, really, no matter how you slice it, you’re a winner for buying it.

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