‘Jurassic World 2’ Producers May Have Found A Director To Replace Colin Trevorrow

Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and a load of computer-generated dinosaurs are set to return in Jurassic World 2, but behind the scenes, there’s going to be some changes. As you’ve no-doubt heard, Colin Trevorrow will be directing Star Wars: Episode IX, a gig Disney undoubtedly expects him to devote his full attention to. As a result, he won’t be writing and directing the Jurassic World 2. But who’s going to be wrangling raptors this time around?

According to Deadline, producers are seriously considering Juan Antonio Bayona to be a potential Jurassic World 2 director. Bayona initially burst onto the scene with well-received horror flick The Orphanage, then followed that up with the special effects-packed disaster movie, The Impossible. In other words, with his proven ability to handle horror, disaster movie-grade spectacle and large-scale CGI effects, Bayona pretty much has the ideal Jurassic Park resume.

Bayona was originally attached to direct World War Z 2, but reportedly had to drop out due to “timing issues.” Could those timing issues be related to dinosaurs? I suppose we’ll see. What do you folks think? With Trevorrow busy in a galaxy far, far away, who would you hand the Jurassic World series over to?

Jurassic World 2 stomp into theaters June 22, 2018.

(Via Deadline)