‘Jurassic World’ Has New Pictures That Ask If The Dinosaur Form Makes You Uncomfortable

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04.24.14 3 Comments

Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly has one of the first handful of pictures of Jurassic World. Including the exclusive reveal, apparently, that it’ll be a crossover with The Big Lebowski.

The color of the robe is off, but otherwise, it’s all there:


Focus Features

Actually, Entertainment Weekly’s “exclusive photos” are mostly just set stuff. Sadly, we do not see anything of Chris Pratt. But now we really want to, because if he’s got a scraggly beard and a bad sweater, we’re off to the races.

Seriously, imagine it. Ten years later, the Dude and Maude go to a secluded jungle island to try and form a better relationship for the sake of the little Lebowski. Unbeknownst to them, the Nihilists, still holding a grudge, sneak onto the island, followed closely by Walter. After about twenty minutes of the Dude getting high and Maude prattling about genitalia, they get attacked by raptors and have to get off the island before they get eaten.

All right, fine, the real plotline of the movie is that Pratt is an ex-military guy and Bryce Dallas Howard is a scientist, and together they fight dinosaurs. But we like our movie better. But, hey, who knows? They’re already planning sequels, so maybe our glorious dream will come true.

Via Entertainment Weekly

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