Here’s The First Look At The ‘Justice League’ In Their Assembled Glory

You’ve been spoiled, San Diego Comic-Con. At first it looked like you’d only be getting a simple image of the DC all-star posse known as the Justice League, but instead you (and by extension we) got a treasure trove of unseen footage for the surefire blockbuster. Like we said, SPOILED. We have the clip fresh off the Comic-Con floor and are sharing it with you as a valuable public service.

The clip, which proclaims that it was crafted specifically for Comic-Con attendees, isn’t a bait-n-switch proposition either. For a hearty 2:45, we’re presented with such DC Comics staples as Batman and Wonder Woman, plus loads more time spent with the likes of The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg than we got in Batman v. Superman. It also comes across as far less dreary than Zack Snyder‘s 2016 DC heavyweight tilt, so maybe we’re getting a splash more fun this go-around.

Come for the Bat Affleck and Wonder Woman badassery, stay for the reintroduction of the roster’s other talents. It’s almost as if throwing a Batarang at The Flash isn’t the foolproof measure Bruce Wayne thinks it is. We have the footage in full nestled above for your viewing pleasure and the first image to emerge from Justice League below.