Kids Dancing Like Fools To The Mario Fruit Snack Rap Is The Most 90s Thing That Will Ever Exist

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So, Nintendo is having some troubles right now, which is unfortunate, but then again, sometimes when Nintendo is on top of the world bad things happen. Things like the Mario fruit snack rap.

During the early 90s Nintendo was so popular kids would flock to Nintendo Powerfest events just so they could be in the presence of Nintendo-themed crap. At these events kids could even record a “music video” of them dancing to a Kriss Kross-sounding rap song about Mario REAL FRUIT SNACKS.

Nintendo mania + novelty rap song + painfully white kids “hip hop” dancing + fruit snacks + rampant abuse of the zoom button and cheesy video editing effects makes these videos pretty much the definition of the early 90s. Ah, precious embarrassing memories. Put on your Reebok Pump dancin’ shoes and hit the jump for the videos…

via Kotaku

Woof, okay, I think I need to lay down for a second. Feeling a little nauseous after watching the second half of that video.

This one’s my favorite. That move where she sort of kicks herself in her own butt is a thing of beauty. Also I’ve turned the corner on the crazy zooming — I like to imagine there’s a “goofy white kid dancing” bar at the top of the screen, and when it fills up it just causes the cameraman’s brain to explode.

Wait, what? What’s with the “pause the kids’ legs, but keep their heads moving” stuff? Bring back the zooming! I need the zoom!

I guess they didn’t trust a kid this young to be fly enough, so they brought in freakishly short-armed Mario and Luigi as backup dancers.

Fruit snacks to go-go…REAL FRUIT SNACKS…with char-ac-ters of Nintendo!!

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