Somebody Remade The ‘King Of The Hill’ Intro In ‘GTA V,’ And Boy Howdy Is It Perfect

Grand Theft Auto V finally hit the PC a few months back, opening the game up to modding, and apparently a lot of modders are fans of ’90s TV. We already brought you GTA V recreations of the intros to Full House, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and PBS kids’ classic Arthur, and now we have an even more iconic ’90s animated intro to show you.

IGN teamed up with the guys at 8-Bit Bastard to recreate the intro to Mike Judge’s King of the Hill, and there’s nothing not right about this. Of course, there aren’t any children in the Grand Theft Auto universe, so Bobby is a weird, leering adult man still riding in circles on his bike in Hank Hill’s back lane, which is probably an accurate portrayal of Bobby’s future.

Now, for the GTA V modding community’s next assignments, I want recreations of the intros to Animaniacs, Batman: The Animated Series and The Critic, on my desk by next week.

(via IGN)