Klingon Opera Finds New Nadir in Nerdiness

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09.13.10 3 Comments

Look, I’m a Trekkie. I love Star Trek almost painfully unconditionally. I even love the Star Trek I hate, like “Voyager” and that retarded episode where they all turn into salamanders and have an orgy. I own, without shame, a signed photograph of Judson Scott, minor player in my favorite movie of all time “The Wrath of Khan”.

And even I’m finding the Klingon opera just a little excessive.

The opera, called “U”, tells the story of Kahless (Klingon Jesus) as he deals with betrayal, violence, and despair. And, yes, it’s entirely in Klingon, complete with really, really fake Klingon heads. Apparently an invite has been beamed the home star of Klingon, but that’s going to take thirty-six years, and it’s only running three days, so they’ll probably miss out. Then again, it’s being staged in the Netherlands, so they probably don’t want to go anyway. A sample of what they’re missing under the jump:

[ via Blastr ]

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