Konami Has Sadly Snuffed Out An HD, David Hayter-Voiced Remake Of ‘Metal Gear’

A couple months back news snuck out that a group of fans were working on an HD, 3D remake of the Metal Gear, the 8-bit stealth game that started it all. A lot of high-profile names were contributing to the project, including longtime Snake voice actor David Hayter and developers who had worked on InFamous and Gears of War, and surprisingly Konami gave the project their blessing.

Unfortunately, it seems as though that blessing has been revoked and the project is no longer going forward. Despite it’s premature death, the folks behind behind the Metal Gear remake have decided to go ahead and release a trailer that gives a rough idea of what the intended scope of the project was. Check it out below…

Looks pretty rough, but I love the idea of Metal Gear being remade in the 3D style of Metal Gear Solid. Unfortunately Konami just doesn’t seem to be interested in anything that’s not a big budget, Hollywood actor-voiced, Kojima-produced blockbuster anymore.

Via Destructoid